Meet Harmony

14 Curved
$150 CAD per box of 10
Point or curve with this hybrid needle set.  These 14 pins deliver the perfect amount of line weight for crisp, clean strokes.  Priced per box, each box comes with 10 Microblades. Sharp and flawless.  This is Tina's go to needle. The 14 Curved d...
9 Classic
$130 CAD per box of 10
Sharp and flawless.  This is the perfect 'go-to' needle for any design. The unique, pointed tip allows the artist to place each stroke precisely. Priced per box, each box comes with 10 Microblades. No assembly required. Who is this for? The 9 Cla...
Angie - Practice Pad
$35 for 25 Sheets - Microblades not included
She's stylish, sophisticated and loves makeup. Perfect your strokes with this convenient practice pad - no pigment required!  This double sided pad has a full face on one side and 4 brows on the other.  Two of the brows come with a stencil and two...
Sampler Pack - NEW
$110 CAD per box of 8
Try them all: The Sampler Pack contains 8 Harmony Microblades: 2 Classic, 2 Curved, 2 U Needle and 2 Shaders.  All of the microblades arrive ready for art with no assembly required.   Who is this for? The sampler pack is a great choice for artist...
Skinny Silk Pencil-Pack of 3
$35 per pack of 3
Looking for the best pencil for precision drawing?  Look no further because the Skinny Silk pencil is the answer to your prayers!   No more sharpening or wasting time with bad pencils- just twist and draw ultra fine hair strokes or use as an eye...
U Needle
$150 CAD per box of 10
Beautiful curves: Create beautiful flowing curves with our Harmony UNeedle.   Priced per box, each box comes with 10 Microblades. Who is this for?  This is an advanced needle and recommended for experienced artists. If you haven't used a UNeedle ...
Showcase your commitment to safety and tag your work with the Harmony™ watermark. When you checkout, you will receive a light and a dark version of the watermark.