Sterilization Certificate For Your Health Inspector

Get Ready.... Cause they're coming!

Over the last couple of weeks it feels like we have been inundated with stories of impromptu visits from Health Inspectors.  

We have received numerous calls from clients in a panic saying:

"the inspector is here - literally in front of me - and they want to see my sterilization certificate." 


"I just opened my new studio and the health inspector is coming Monday, what do I need to do?"

If you are a Harmony™ Artist there is absolutely no reason to panic.  No more hiding your blades before the Health Inspector visit.  We designed Harmony™ to meet or exceed all local health and safety requirements for Microblading.

Here is a simple 2 step process to satisfy your health inspector.

Step #1 - Look at the back of your Harmony to find the Lot# and Expiration Date.
Step #2

Go to this new PAGE on our website, find the certificate that matches your Lot # and download your Sterilization Certificate for your Harmony Microblades.  
Tina Davies



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